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My passion for Landscape Photography inertly lay within her soul for several decades before a radical life change involving moving house, home and canines from suburban Sydney to rural Warwick in the heart of the Darling Downs detonated this passion into a compelling pastime. When she discovered this keen passion had transposed itself into natural aptitude for finding the perfect visual scenery and being in that right place at that right time, Crazy Horse Marketing Photography evolved to showcase her extraordinary artistic talents.

Living on a farm (mostly in drought conditions) in the Darling Downs makes me think about the conspicuous diversity of the Australian bush landscape: The blue ocean lapping at sandy shores, foaming waterfalls slipping off sheer rock faces, barren empty deserts, trees wavering disorderly in violent winds, rivers either serenely becalmed or turbulently agitated, native animals in their natural habitats and native fauna growing magnificently despite excessive droughts.

My most favourite time of the day is the morning, a few minutes before sunrise, when nature gets ready to put on a fantastic show with a light so invigorating and all encompassing, it brings all that falls under it to life.

It’s all here, a natural beauty that surrounds us all every day, however very few people get the opportunity to enjoy and explore it. In my images, I endeavour to capture the Australian Landscape in all its beauty, it’s harshness, it’s cruelness and its exquisite natural colours. The reality, the truthfulness of images is difficult to underestimate, the stories I tell in my photographs highlight the authenticity of the Australian bush life.

I have had a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember, taking pictures of animals and later - landscapes.   To be able to catch the raw emotion between a human and an animal is something that still captures my imagination today.

My photographs are like an empty blank canvass, awaiting a fresh, realistic creation. The ability to successfully capture a unique and truthful picture using a camera lens gives me such a euphoric sense of achievement. The Australian Bush is one to savour, to adore, to admire in all its beauty and brutality.

Please come along and enjoy it with me.

Artist Profile

Artist’s Equipment

Camera: Cannon 5D MarkIII
Lense: Sigma 150-600mm zoom lense,
            Tamron 100m macro, 28-300mm  
            Cannon 17-40mm wide angled lenses

Artists Achievements

2014 Australian Country Life Magazine - Feature two page spread
2015 Allora Show Grand Champion - Photography
         “The Condamine”
2016 Finalist Stanthorpe Art Festival
         “Morning On The Condamine”