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Helen McDonald’s passion for Landscape Photography inertly lay within her soul for several decades before a radical life change involving moving house, home and canines from suburban Sydney to rural Warwick in the heart of the Darling Downs detonated this passion into a compelling pastime. When she discovered this keen passion had transposed itself into natural aptitude for finding the perfect visual scenery and being in that right place at that right time, Crazy Horse Marketing Photography evolved to showcase her extraordinary artistic talents.

Helen gives most of the credit for her images to the unique Australian Landscape, the dryness and harshness of the droughts, the exquisite lush & colourful wet seasons as well as the cold, frosty winter’s mornings. It is not unusual to find Helen out and about in the wee early hours of the morning in an endeavour to capture the reality of sunrise, frosty paddocks or turbulent waterways after rainfall.

Helen captures most of her images around her local community however has often travelled to the eastern escarpment of the Great Dividing Range to platform her creativity. And for her devoted efforts Helen has been privileged to win many prizes in local Agricultural Shows with her imaginative images.

Helen prides herself on making her images realistic for her viewers. Therefore, what you see in real life is generally what you get, an earthy reproduction of the harsh Australian Landscape.

Helen’s camera of choice is the Cannon 5D MarkIII, utilising Sigma 150-600mm zoom lense, Cannon 100m macro, Tamron 28-300mm along with a Cannon 17-40mm wide angled lenses to enhance the effects of the beautiful scenes she captures.

In April 2014 Helen’s images were selected for a two page spread in the Australian Country Life Magazine.

In February 2015 her image entitled “The Condamine” was crowned Grand Champion photograph at the Allora Show.

In June 2016 Helen’s surreal image entitled “Early Morning, The Condamine” was selected as a Finalist in the prestigious 2016 Stanthorpe Art Festival, displayed side by side with artistic works not only from across Australia but from around the world.

Helen has supplied images for several Darling Downs web sites, including Warwick Chamber of Commerce, Oakey Vet Hospital and Tillari Trotters.

Helen trusts you enjoy the exquisite visual experience offered on this web site.