Splityard Creek.jpg
Helen Robinson

After being diagnosed with cancer in 2015, my life took a dramatic turn I left my job and I picked up my camera seriously and started taking pictures.  The rest is history.

Australia is famous for its diversity.  It’s our natural wonders and wide-open spaces, its cities and beaches, the deserts and the bush.

I could be anywhere when a picture appears, it all comes from a feeling and  from the heart. I see the beauty in the harshness of our drought covered land.  I feel the inspiration of the striking landscape. I don’t see a picture; I feel it and part of my process is to bring that feeling and emotion to each image I capture. Passion for landscape photography lay inertly within my soul for several decades before a radical life change involving moving house, home, canines, horses, peach faces and other worldly possessions from suburban Sydney to rural Warwick in the heart of the Darling Downs in Queensland which detonated this passion from a pastime to an ardently new way of life.


Soon afterwards it became obvious this hobby had transformed into a natural aptitude for finding the perfect visual scenery thus bringing through natural light and raw emotion. All credit is duly afforded to the unique Australian landscape and the conspicuous diversity of the Australian bush: aqua blue oceans appetising lapping upon golden shores, foaming waterfalls slipping fluently down sheer rock faces,  barren empty paddocks,  trees wavering with deliberate disorder in violent winds, large rivers agitating turbulently or smaller creeks impassively becalmed, unique native fauna in their natural habitats and native flora growing magnificently despite excessively long lasting droughts.

"If I get someone to feel something when looking at my pictures, then I have done my job."

Helen Robinson