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There are several options to select from when you purchase an image from CHM Photography


CHM Photography will send you a file of the image of your choice, you may then customise your choice of printing and framing.


Three options of size for this option. Most landscapes looks best in canvass, the larger size the better.

Metallic Print

The highest quality of print, this version enhances the image to make it look almost in 3D.

Please remember, if you purchase a file or print, when organising framing, seriously consider NON REFLECTIVE glass for your frame, as it will ensure no matter where you hang the image, there will be little or no light reflection off the glass. It is a little more expensive, but well worth the effort in your long term of enjoying the beautiful image.

For offline purchases, please Get In Touch for full details.

Should you require a custom design for your print or canvass, or have any questions in regards to your purchase, please Get In Touch by clicking the button below. 


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